Why Choose Us

You have always prioritized the well-being of your cherished pet, and their farewell is equally significant. Recognizing that your pet holds a special place in your family, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of compassion and care.

You should always ask your vet what crematory they use! If they do not offer you Pet Passages®, please understand that you have a choice in where your pet is cremated. You DO NOT have to use the facility they suggest. Your Pet! Your Family! Your Choice! Also know, that if your vet does not offer you Pet Passages®, more often than not you will pay a much, much higher price for cremation services. So call us directly at 585-265-9933 or request our service by using Finalize Your Pet’s Plans.

In addition, our comprehensive facilities, including our private crematory, and our devoted staff are all at your service. Unlike some pet crematories who return pet’s ashes in 1-3 weeks, we guarantee an immediate response, assuring you that your pet’s cremated remains will be available for return to you within 72 hours (3 business days) after we recieve your pet at our facility.

  • Individually and locally owned and operated
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Positive Pet Identification
  • Real-Time Pet Tracking System
  • We offer Truly Private Cremation
  • We can prove and guarantee you receive only your pet’s cremated remains
  • 72 Hour Return of Cremated Remains
  • Private family goodbyes and funeral services
  • Personalized Service

Our Pet Passages® exclusive services include:

  • SECURE PASSAGES™ – pet identification, real-time online tracking, and chain of custody procedures coupled with our proprietary pet cremation software
  • PET PARENT GATEWAY – an online portal that allows you/your veterinarian real-time information about your pet while they’re in our care for full transparency of services.
  • PET TALES – the only local and national online pet obituary system where you can honor and memorialize your pet by telling their story through words, pictures, video, music, and social media.