Providing families comfort during the toughest of good-byes…

At Pet Passages®, our unwavering commitment is to honor and celebrate your pet’s life and legacy. Our dedicated and compassionate staff will support you through this difficult time, offering comfort, empathy, and exceptional customer service. A pet’s love is no small gesture and saying good-bye shouldn’t be either.

We truly understand the love you have for your pet. Our facility offers a dignified and appropriate setting for you and your family to say goodbye to your pet in a loving and peaceful manner. Our personalized services are designed to ease the grieving process, making it as manageable as possible.

We realize that each family has its own unique wishes for honoring the legacy of their beloved pet. Our Pet Funeral Directors will work with you to tailor an appropriate goodbye or loving tribute. We’ll help you make informed decisions with confidence.

Our Funeral Service Offerings

  • Personalized funeral services
  • Simple private gatherings
  • Formal memorial services
  • Private family viewing & good-byes

Guiding you through the loss of your pet…because your pet is part of the family.