Hi Mike,
I wanted to thank Candi (any of course you) for your excellent service yesterday We’ve had both good and bad experiences with pet cremation in Brevard, and this was probably the best. Candi was polite, professional and caring, and allowed us to say our goodbyes in the way we needed to.
Please pass my thanks along to her.

You are welcome and I will certainly pass along to Candi. I am truly sorry for your loss and if we have been able to help a little bit, it makes us feel good. I noticed you said that probably our service was the best. Is there something we did wrong or something we can improve on? Thank you for your feed back. All the best.

No, I can’t think of anything you could have done better. It’s just that I’m an engineer and we never speak of absolutes; only probabilities. We have previously used Best Friends in Titusville and Floriday/Pet Loss Center in Melbourne and you compare very favorably to both.

But I will share with you why we switched from Pet Loss Center to Pet Passages. Take it for what you will. We were happy with Floriday, but the last time we had a pet cremated at Pet Loss Center their office was busy. Good for them, I guess, but there’s a reason Funeral Homes aren’t in a crowded shopping center. I asked them if they could give me a “quiet time” appointment but they were not able to do that. We very much appreciated the peaceful nature of Pet Passages. That wasn’t the case at Pet Loss Center, and that mattered to me.