My pup Adrianna has been at my side for a little over 11 years. She passed away in her sleep Sunday evening, June 8, 2014. Monday, June 9, 2014, my daughter and I took her to the vet’s for the last time in which Pets at Peace did her cremation. The price was not bad, considering Adrianna was a Chihuahua, and what I received back on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 was more than just her ashes. Her ashes came back in a beautiful little treasure box in a dark blue velvet sachetal saying “Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.” Received also was two cards, one a certification of cremation and the other was “In Memory of Adrianna … ” which contains the poem about the Rainbow Bridge and a paw print of Adrianna. Extras that were not expected but truely appreciated … THANK YOU PETS AT PEACE … this truly is above and beyond .. and truly appreciated .. Many Thanks