After a recommendation from a friend, and seeing a feature story on NH Chronicle, I called Pet Passages in June to make preliminary arrangements for Argo, knowing his time with us was limited. We had to say farewell to our brave, loving and loyal friend earlier this week. The owner, Stephen Purdy, arranged for one of his staff (a very compassionate young man named Scott, freely gives enveloping hugs) to come to the house. They will also pick up from vet clinics, or you can drop your pet off at their facility, have a viewing, or even a memorial service and observe the cremation. Variety of options and price points, depending on your wishes and comfort levels. We wanted private cremation, but no service. Other choices are semi-private from which you get mixed ashes, or communal, no ashes returned.

Stephen called us three days later (their goal is within 72 hours) to say Argo was ready. Ashes are returned in an appropriately sized chest/urn. Inside is a black velvet bag embroidered in gold with “Until We Meet Again at the Rainbow Bridge”. They do offer other keepsake and figurine urns that can be purchased separately on the website. Private cremation package includes a certificate of cremation, with your pet’s tracking number. Similar system that is used for human cremations, to make sure there are no mix ups. Also included is another card with a paw print stamp keepsake and the Rainbow Bridge story. I can never read beyond the first few lines without lots of tissues, even on a good day.

Hope not to need their services again any time soon, but when we do, this is where we shall go.