I am the owner and operator of Forever Meadows Pet Memorialization and Cremation Services in Herkimer, NY. I am also a New York State Licensed Funeral Director and operate two human funeral homes. I have known the Harris family for many years and talked with them at length concerning Pet Passages. Through our discussions I realized this endeavor was far beyond my thought pattern. After discussing Pet Passages with them, I realized they had a great business model and plan. It is to me why should I reinvent the wheel scenario? The software that they have is tremendous and easy to use, the training and more than that the help they give to me and my company is in one word AWESOME. Pet passages is a phone call away at any time I need them. Their knowledge of Pet Cremation is fantastic and they offer help when issues arise. I could have attempted this on my own but I am sure I would never have been as successful without their help. Everyday brings a new experience to me and as a funeral director this venture has taught me more about being a funeral director than anything I can think of.

Thank you to Pet Passages for helping me help others in their time of need.


Vincent D. Iocovozzi and family