Code of Conduct

Since its formation Pet Passages® has become the standard bearer of Best-In-Class pet funeral and cremation providers nationwide and continues to raise the bar for the pet loss profession. Each Pet Passages® location is independently owned and operated, which means your needs come first. The owners and staff of each affiliate location undergo a rigorous training program at Pet Passages® Academy and upon completion are certified as Pet Funeral Directors. In accepting the responsibilities of a Certified Pet Funeral Director, and as a condition of ownership and/or affiliation with Pet Passages®, our affiliates affirm the following and hereby pledge to abide by:

The Pet Passages®  Code of Good Conduct

  • To adhere to the highest standard of conduct in all aspects of business.
  • To provide the highest level of respect and dignity to the deceased pets in their care.
  • To demonstrate community pride and leadership as independent, locally owned businesses.
  • To dedicate their firm to on-going education and training.
  • To maintain qualified competent staff and certified crematory operators.
  • To maintain appropriate facilities and suitable equipment required for comprehensive pet loss and cremation services.
  • To make no representation, written or oral, which may be false or misleading and to apply a standard of honesty in all dealings.
  • To extend to consumers the right to inspect their facilities.
  • To conduct themselves at all times in a manner deserving of the public trust.