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Big Boy Ellen

I was at my veterinarian’s office about eight years ago with my other cat, Nutsy, and saw Big Boy and his sister, Katie, in two separate cages waiting for someone to adopt them. Big Boy was sooooo robust…..a big, strapping healthy cat. I was told by the office staff that if I adopted one of the two, I had to adopt both, being brother and sister. So, needless to say, I adopted both.
I have had Big Boy and Katie both for about eight years. The veterinarian feels they are both about 13+ years old.
I love ALL my cats, but Big Boy was very special. I feel he turned into my big, ol’ barn cat, weighing 32 lbs.! He would follow me room to room and sit on a kitchen chair on his butt and watch TV. If I talked to him, he would meow back at me. He seemed to understand me. I had to purchase a set of pet stairs as it was getting difficult for him to jump up on my bed.
Everyone that stopped by just loved him. I kept saying I was going to buy a saddle and ride him! *smiles*
He got sick a few weeks ago and was put on an antibiotic which he finished, then did good for about 4 days and got sick again. We didn’t know if this something recurring and taking his age into consideration, decided to end his suffering. It was time to say goodbye to my beloved Big Boy. He will ALWAYS be my boy!
Meet me at the RAINBOW BRIDGE Biggie!
Love and miss you sooooooo much! 💕😥

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