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Bella Price

My BB would of turned 11 next June. At the young age of 4 months she was diagnosed with a heart murmur and we were told she wouldnt make it past two. She did. We were told she wouldnt live through childbirth, she did. Now that she is gone, I couldnt be more thankful that she had puppies and that my family kept both of them. Bella was there for me through it all. When I moved out onto my own at the age of 18, she went with me. She was my companion and kept me company being on my own. She made so many different furry friends, from cats to other doggies. She never met a person she didnt like. Through all our moves, all our roommates, she warmed up to them from the first pet. Their babies too. She was there for me on lonely nights, she was there to lick the tears from my eyes when I got my heart broken for the first time, and she was there for my first date with my husband. This girl seen it all. Shes been through PCS moves, road trips (man this girl loves car rides), and lazy days just chillin. She was spoiled rotten by her GiGi, who made her her own plate of people food anytime we visited. Her GiGi would go to Sonic just to get her a burger. She loved her GiGi so much. She got all the love and attention from her MiMi and Pops. I remember when I didnt want her to eat people food, her Pops gave it to her anyways. Or when I said Dad, she doesnt get a treat just for stepping outside. He replied With Pops she does! She always perked up when she heard her MiMis voice on FaceTime. This baby was so loved.This little girl was my bestfriend, my baby, my four legged-furry child. I raised her from a puppy. I will miss coming home to her sweet kisses, hearing her little feet patter on the floor, seeing her spin in circles when she is happy. I would give anything to hear her yappy bark one more time. My babygirl was everything you could want in a furry member of the family. She was smart, loyal, loving, and kind. Everything. Best friend should be. 10.5 years isnt long enough. No amount of time would have been long enough. If love could have kept her alive, she would of lived forever. Rest in Love, my little wolf. I will never, ever forget you. Thank you for all the happy memories youve given me. For being there for me when no one else was. I will always love you.

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