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Bosco Kirby

Who would of think, you walk into an exotic pet store only to walk away with a kitten. Not just any kitten, but the cutest kitten with a goatee! He was a little fiesty thing! If he wanted something, he was bound and determined to get it! He would leap in the trash can and rummage through it till he found what he wanted. He would climb down and ate what he wanted and actually put whatever he didn’t want in the trash can! To say he was the smartest cat ever would be an understatement! If you’d ask him for a kiss, he would gladly climb up on your lap and smother you with kisses! He was the purrrrfect cuddler! He would snuggle right up to you! Everyone who met him fell instantly in love with him! Though he has crossed the rainbow bridge, he left his paw print in the heart of many.

Light a Candle

A candle was lit in memory of Bosco. I don't know you or Bosco, but I lost my sweet sweet Toby this past week, and came to this site to try to find a way to honor his life. I am utterly devastated, and I know the pain and heartbreak you are feeling, and while no words can comfort you, know that your sweet Bosco is and was loved and will always be in your heart.


A candle was lit in memory of Bosco.




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