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Buster was purchased in a pet store, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in 2008. My has been with me for 14 years. He was the friendliest, warm, loving pet ever. Everyone loved Buster.Buster has traveled and lived a wonderful life. Of course,he was spoiled rotten. When he was healthy, McDonald hamburgers was his favorite meal. Buster loved going to dog parks, taking long walks, and riding in the car, letting the wind smack his face.Buster was 11 weeks old, when, I was just browsing in the pet, store, after the loss of my dog Spider.Buster was in a cage with Yorkies, he was the only Cocker Spaniel. He was so cute and tiny.He was a mini cocker.I picked him up he stopped crying, I put him back in the cage he continued to cry.The sales person, made me a deal, named him Buster, gave me his aka papers, dog food, scarf, and said he’s yours. Buster was like a son to me. I was his mama.It will be hard without him in my life.”My best friend’s gone, now I feel so all alone”.

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