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Gabby moved on to the next life, early the morning of October 2, 2017. Ever eager to explore, her aged body could no longer transport her mind to new adventures. She could not contribute nor comment further on a world that that surely needs her considerable wealth of insight, of guidance. Nothing new remained to bark at, chase, or ignore (mainly jackrabbits).

Gabby, a B&W ESS, was born January 28, 2003, and lived in Evans, Georgia for a few months before moving to the River Club, North Augusta, SC, in June, 2003. Ever active, she moved to my house on Georgia Avenue in March, 2004. We then moved on a job transfer to Amarillo in April, 2005, where she lived for over ten years. We adopted Daisy, a four year old L&W ESS, in October, 2010. We all moved on a job transfer to Los Alamos in June, 2015. We made regular trips back home to Amarillo and a couple to the house in North Augusta. Declining health began to limit her mobility in July, 2017 and so we made the best of her remaining time. Earlier weeks good. Last few weeks very tough. She passed peacefully in her sleep, at home in Amarillo.

She was a spoiled irascible soul, resplendent in the gamet of all emotions, barking from sheer unrestrained Disneyesque joy to occasional spitting mad psychopathological anger. The latter erupting only when confronted with an utter lack of common sense.

She had sufficiently trained me to be a long suffering supportive pawn and chauffeur. In return, she shared her life of curiosity, wonder and revelation. She was never bored, never.

She rarely met another dog she liked, even tolerated. Nipped the nose of many, pointer, golden & shetland included, all merely wanting to acknowledge the presence of one as beautiful as themselves. No way. All unworthy.

She did have a long running deep friendship with a neighboring Vizla, Chili. Chili and Gabby, sharing a telepathic view understood by few sets of identical twins, sauntered through life together for many years. Each greeting choreographed with a manic, adrenaline infused, display of hyper mode play.

Daisy, patient and understanding, omniscient, put up with Gabby’s view of life to the point of mimicking many of her behaviors. Better to join ’em. Stereo barking motivates one to leave the couch and DVR the golf tournament for later viewing.

She enjoyed travel. She helped me put over 300,000 miles on the Pathfinder. Through the years, we would drive back to the house in North Augusta for both Masters and Christmas. Sometimes a summer trip. Trips to see friends and relatives in Virginia and Ohio. I took her with me to camp, hike and fish the Rockies, from Montana, through Wyoming and Colorado, of course New Mexico and Texas. She had a great sense of direction. She sniffed the vents, jumped from seat to seat and barked in joyful anticipation of arrival at our homes in South Carolina and Texas. She loved the parks. Something new to check out.

She enjoyed visits to the groomers and vets. Again, something new to check out.

She was loyal. Gleefully announced my arrival home from work. She knew where I was at all times. When working in the yard on hot West Texas summer days, she would go inside to enjoy the A/C and watch me from a window. We played “hide n seek” like kids. She always found me.

She taught me to enjoy simpler things. Took pleasure in every new tennis ball, every new smell, the time spent together, every moment really. She was life. None better.

She’s in heaven of course because God would not leave one so perfect behind. I hope she waits for me but either way, she deserves a moment.

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