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We met Skeeter in the summer of 2003. She belonged to the neighbors behind or house along with her dog pal Chico. Both dogs were full grown but still acted like puppies. They were both “dangerous” breeds, but that was a label that did not fit. We noticed that both dogs were tethered and neglected in the back yard. My husband asked our neighbors if we could take them for walks and play with them and they agreed. That is when Chico and Skeeter moved into our hearts. After Chico died of Parvo in late 2003, we moved to adopt Skeeter before she met the same fate.
Skeeter loved all dogs, kids, and people. She was never mean and never bit anyone. She had tons of energy and played with all the dogs and kids in the front yard of our house. There was a little confusion on what to do with some feral kittens when she came upon a kitten and grabbed it with her mouth. We made it clear to let the kitten go, which she did. She has never looked back and has been kind and gentle with every animal and person, no matter if she was being nipped or poked and prodded by veterinary staff. She has been our gentle baby and angel for 14 years and we already miss her so dearly. It is hard to let go of such a precious light that God blessed us with for such a short time.

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