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Timothy Brown

Timothy came to us on Thanksgiving weekend 2005, when we walked into PetSmart and out of eight SPCA cages with about 12 kitties in them, he was the only one awake and trying to paw his way out of the cage. All the others were sound asleep. We soon discovered that he was the most gentle cat we had ever met, even as a kitten. He never struck out, ever. In fact, he seemed to get upset if he touched you with a claw accidentally.
We had many happy years with Timothy. The photo shows him at his pudgiest weight, lying comfortably on a bed in a room that we were renovating. He wasn’t supposed to be there, but of course, where else would he be, but with us. He loved to be with us, and to take walks outside, and he had a funny habit of putting his head into shoes and pushing them around. Any pair of shoes was fair game for him. He also had a toy snake that often served as a pillow. He liked his creature comforts!
Tim was diagnosed with diabetes in 2016 and was mostly winning that battle until he was also diagnosed with kidney disease in early 2018. Despite all efforts, it progressed rather rapidly until we gave him his peace on 5/21/2018. He is dearly missed and forever loved.

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