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Corduroy, our beloved 13-year-old chocolate lab, passed away peacefully at his home today. Corduroy was born August 19, 2006 in Temperance, Michigan. He was a loyal, strong-willed, bold, daring, caring, and mischievous dog. Corduroy was there through every passing season of our lives. Joshua was looking for a puppy when he started college at Eastern Michigan University. He saw an ad in the newspaper for Labrador Retriever puppies. When he called the phone number, he was told there was one male chocolate puppy left in the litter-precisely the exact dog Josh was looking for! Corduroy resided with Joshua for many years. When Joshua married his wife, Kimberly, Corduroy had to move to a new house and adjust to living with a new cat named Asche! Corduroy was one of the most loving dogs you could have ever met. He loved living with Kim and Asche immediately. He was also very welcoming and protective of our daughters at their moments of arrival. He loved to go outside and play fetch with his deflated Detroit Pistons basketball. He would stand by the swing set like a nervous parent afraid the girls would fall and hurt themselves.We had a couple of traditions we would do with Corduroy every year. Every birthday he would get a cheeseburger from McDonalds. Corduroys other favorite food was bean dip. One year we left it out in his reach on accident. We caught him eating it. When we told him to stop, he did not obey! It was so yummy that it was worth getting into trouble. After that, we made sure we always gave him his own bean dip on New Years Eve.Last August, Corduroys mobility really started to go downhill fast! We built him a ramp to assist him with going in and out of the house. About a month later, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. Corduroy miraculously rebounded and got a second wind! He stood in the bathroom with Kim as she shaved her head after chemo treatments! He passed away just four days shy of seeing Kim finish her cancer treatments. It is as if he was waiting to make sure she was going to be okay.

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