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Archie Marie

I got Archie just after he was born, as his litter had been abandoned. He was one of 2 survivors. At 5 days old, his back legs were broken when he was dropped by a child. One fused at the knee, the other at the ankle. Because of this, he had a permanently dislocated shoulder. At 18 months he was diagnosed with vaccine-associated sarcoma. I was told he had about 2 years to live. Archie would sleep in front of my face or on my head. He stayed close to me. He learned to jump on low things and was quite active.At 8.5 years old, his back started deteriorating. With medication, he was comfortable for another year and a half.Then the meds didn’t work, and I knew it was his time when he didn’t eat.I know I made the right decision to let him go in peace, but I miss him every day.

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