In loving memory of
Minnie Pearl

Minnie was a gift to my mom from her employer. This was because Minnie saved my moms life. Mom fell at work dislocating her shoulder and she couldn’t get up. Too much in pain to call out. Minnie ran to my mom, ran upstairs barking away at her owner. Then again, ran downstairs to check on my mom. She did this at least two more times until the employer came downstairs to see why this ‘crazy dog’ was barking. When she was lead to where my mom fell. My mom was rushed to the ER. Minnie was my moms hero. She was then given to my mother. Minnie became the hero to all of us after my mother passed three years ago. She was that one special connection we had to our mom. When Minnie passed, it felt like we lost our mom all over again.
She loved belly rubs. For some reason she would never bark, only when one of us would hide in the pantry with a treat. She would sit there and bark and bark until we opened the door to give her the treat.
Minnie thoroughly enjoyed her spa day with Denisse at Petsmart. She would strut her stuff in the store and casually walk through the aisles. But she never played or liked squeak toys.
She loved naps with her Papa and car rides. She was always kind with her feline little sister Braska, even though her little sister wouldn’t have anything to do with her.
Minnie will forever be loved. But she will be terribly missed. But she is not alone for she is getting all sorts of love and belly rubs from our precious momma in heaven.
Thank You Minnie.

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