In loving memory of

Thanatos was one of eight babies we weren’t expecting to have. His mom, Nemesis, was brought home as a companion for our first rat. What we didn’t know was that she was a week away from giving birth! She had eight healthy babies, three boys and five girls which put our total up to ten rats! Unfortunately, about two months ago Thanatos and his sister Hydra had to be separated into their own personal cages. Both of them were sick, only one of them got better with the first medicine we tried. Thanatos got worse for about a week, I syringe fed him, bathed him and made sure he was taken care of while we looked into another medicine. He got a bit better and didn’t need as much one on one care. Sadly before we could start a new medicine, he passed Saturday evening in one of his favorite spots to sleep. He was the sweetest little thing, he would walk right up into our hands for pets and love. He loved ear rubs, back scratches, snuggles, Cheerios and making a little hut with his favorite piece of blanket. As much as we wish he could still be here with us, we know that he doesn’t have to suffer any more and will always be in our hearts and memories.

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