When a loved one dies, there are rituals that people go through to help them cope with the loss. However, when you lose a pet, you may not know the best way to deal with your grief. While nothing will ever take away the pain of losing your furry friend, taking the time to memorialize your pet can help you process your grief and keep their memory alive. 

Ways to Memorialize Your Pet and Honor Their Memory

Below, we’ve put together a few unique things you can do to honor your beloved pet. 

Hold a Memorial Service

Just like you might hold a service for the passing of a loved one, consider holding a small service for your pet as well. You can take this time to share some of your favorite memories or photos of your pet, ask your friends and family to share their memories of your pet, etc. 

Another way to share more about your pet is to create a Pet Tale on your local Pet Passages website. This gives you the chance to share pictures and spread the memory of your furry friend.  

Order a Piece of Custom Art

Help your pet’s memory live on by ordering a custom piece of artwork that represents them. Many artists take custom commissions, offering different styles of artwork such as: 

  • Watercolor portraits
  • Needlepoint 
  • Metal cutouts
  • Engravings

Make a Donation in Their Name

Another touching way to make a tribute to your pet is to help other animals in need. Consider making a donation to a local animal shelter, the Humane Society, the ASPCA, etc., in your pet’s name. If your loved ones are looking for ways to honor your pet, you can ask them to make a donation as well. 

While donating won’t take away the pain, it can give you a small sense of peace that you’re making a difference in the lives of other animals. 

Wear a Piece of Memorial Jewelry

It can be a hard adjustment when your beloved pet is no longer by your side throughout the day. Getting a piece of memorial jewelry can help you feel like your pet is still close to you, even when they’re physically gone. 

Opt for a piece of jewelry that can hold your pet’s ashes or that features your pet’s paw print for an extra personal touch. 

Create a Memory Box

If you’re not sure what to do with your pet’s favorite items, consider creating a special memory box for them. Inside, you might put a photo, your pet’s collar, a clay impression of their paw print, their favorite toy, etc. 

Then, you can display the box somewhere special or keep it tucked away to look through it whenever you want. 

Get a Memorial Tattoo

Getting a tattoo in your pet’s memory is a great way to create a lifelong tribute to them. If you have an inkprint of their paw, you can use that as the tattoo design. Or, you might get a small portrait of them or even just their name. Anything you choose can help you feel like your pet is always close to your heart, even when they’re physically gone. 

Here to Help You Through the Grieving Process

The Pet Passages team is here to help you as you grieve the loss of your furry friend. No matter how you choose to memorialize your pet, we hope these ideas help you extend your pet’s memory and process your grief.